quarta-feira, 15 de junho de 2016

Imposto de Renda (texto de atividade em inglês)

Eu sigo o Inglês Online que envia por e-mail uma atividade por semana sobre algum tema, um texto em inglês e áudio. Nesta semana foi sobre Imposto de Renda e achei interessante trazer aqui. Ela explica como funciona nos EUA, Reino Unido e aqui no Brasil.
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So did you file a tax return earlier this year? I did, on the 29th of April – the final deadline for online tax returns in Brazil. Listen again: file a tax return. A tax return is a form – and it can be a paper form, or an online form – where you, the taxpayer, state your income and other information about your life, every year. That’s the way people talk about this – in other words, that’s the collocation: file a tax return.

Then, after you’ve filled out that form with your information, you submit it to the tax authorities and then, you either have to pay taxes, or you get a tax refund in case you’ve already paid in excess. If you’re an employee at a company, you probably have part of your salary deducted every month, and that goes to the government, right? That’s called withholding tax.

So when you finally file your tax return, you may actually realise that the amount of withholding tax you’ve already paid is higher than the amount you actually owe the government. So that is one example of a situation where you would get a tax refund.

This year, in the United States, the tax deadline fell on April 18th. That was the deadline to file tax returns with the IRS, or Internal Revenue Service. The IRS would be equivalent to Receita Federal in Brazil. In the United Kingdom, depending on how you choose to submit your tax return,  the deadline for submitting it will be different. Paper tax returns need to be filed by October 31st, whereas the deadline for filing online is three months later – January 31st.

In Brazil we have the exact same options, right? We can file our tax returns online or in paper form. I don’t remember ever filing paper tax returns. I’ve always submitted online returns, usually on or one day before the deadline… What about you? Have you been filing paper tax returns for years and refuse to do it online?

I remember when I was a regular employee at a company and every year, after doing my taxes, I would get a refund. That was because of all the withholding tax that had been deducted from my monthly paychecks. Now that I work for myself, it’s a different story. I’m always paying taxes – no refund.

So what’s it like for you? Are you an employee who gets a refund every year? Are you self-employed and you end up paying taxes every month, or every year? Let me know in the comments and talk to you next time!